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People who are attempting to lose weight and get into shape may find that it is not easy to remove the stubborn bits of fat that remain in certain areas of the body. People will continue searching for shortcuts to losing weight only to find that nothing seems to last. While people may consider traditional surgical options for treatment, we offer a less-invasive option in the form of medical laser treatments.

At AcuLaser Body LLC, we provide a variety of weight loss, fat removal, body contouring and anti-aging treatment options through the use of medical laser procedures. As a medical spa and wellness center, we focus on providing professional non-surgical weight loss options and weight management to help patients lead healthier lives.

If you are searching for an effective medically-assisted weight loss method, then give us a call and schedule an appointment today.

Our staff Guarantee to you!

At AcuLaser Body Contouring, we promise to treat you, our customers, and all guests, with the most friendly and the most respectful manner to provide the most comfortable sessions possible. Everyone and every body is different. We care about every individual person and treat them all so that they get the attention they need and the package that's right for them. You are more than just a customer to us. You are each a life that we can change and make easier for you on your journey to weight loss.

Our Team

From the first appointment to any follow-up appointments the patient needs, our team strives to create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for the patient. With laser fat removal or other laser treatments, the patient will need to lay back while we complete the treatment. Our team will take the time to listen to the patient’s needs and concerns before customizing the treatment to each patient’s needs. With that in mind, it is important to note that a treatment that works for one patient may not be as effective for another patient. By customizing the treatment, we can help the patient on the path toward reaching their weight loss goal.

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Our Services

We provide a variety of services to help patients lose weight through medical weight loss. These services include laser body sculpting, body contouring, laser liposuction, Coolsculpting, laser fat removal, Zerona treatment and Velashape treatment. Along with these weight loss methods, we also offer patients guidance on how to maintain their new weight including weight management, nutritional counseling and bariatric medicine. Our goal is to help patients lose weight and find the methods for keeping the weight off. As a medical spa, we also offer patients laser skin removal, laser wrinkle removal, skin tightening and anti-aging medicine. You can draw out your inner beauty with our treatment by calling us today.

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Patient Information

To begin the treatment process, we will need to gather information on the patient including the patient’s medical history, current condition, insurance, allergies and any other pertinent information we need to know. In most cases, the patient will provide this information when filling out a “New Patient Information Form” before the appointment. After we conduct an initial examination, we will determine the most effective treatment option to meet the patient’s needs. Depending on the type of procedure, the time it takes may only be 30 minutes to an hour or more. Some procedures may require multiple appointments for the patient to achieve the desired results.