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Welcome To Aculaser Body LLC Look your best, feel your best! The Latest technology for fat reduction & body contouring.

Shrink Your Waistline - Look Better In Your Clothing - Wear A Bikini With Confidence
Feel Better About Yourself - Look & Feel Younger - Reach Your Goal Weight
Live Life To The Fullest- Regain Self-Confidence

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A new body shape? A new look? A rejuvenated appearance? We are here to meet your needs! Need to get rid of that bit of fat on your tummy? A total transformation? Or just a self-confidence boost? At Aculaser Body, LLC we put the customer first. Our results first business model means that our first priority is you and your body, not you and your checkbook. Our staff is friendly, caring and soon you’ll feel like family! The Zerona laser by Erchonia is a life changing innovation in modern science. It melts the fat off your body, and you will see results in a few short weeks. Our VelaShape machine smooths, tightens and refreshes skin and will completely transform the way you look. All our treatments are non-invasive, painless, and relaxing. Here at Aculaser Body, we want you to be comfortable, happy, and confident with the way you look.

It’s our job to find the right combination of treatments and approaches that work for you. Whether you’re battling cellulite, signs of aging, post-pregnancy weight gain, slow metabolism, or genetics aren’t on your side – that doesn’t mean you have to keep the “hand you were given.” Excess fat, loose skin, and pesky cellulite can be nearly impossible to correct with diet and exercise alone. Stop burning yourself out. Start doing the things you actually want to do rather than climbing an uphill battle.

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At AcuLaser Body, we help our patients achieve their goals everyday! Our permanent fat reduction and body contouring procedures are non-invasive aesthetic treatments to help give you the body you've always wanted. Regardless of how you obtain your dream body, the most important thing is that you reach your body goals. You don't have to do it alone, spend hours at the gym, or rely on counting calories and carbs. At AcuLaser Body, we're here to help you on your journey so you can start to live the rest of your life.

This place is absolutely life changing. I had a horrible experience from liposuction and it left my body with many unwanted lines and distortions. I went here and Aimee completely changed the appearance of my legs and stomach. I cannot recommend this place enough. Such an answered prayer! I feel like a different person!!!!

Sarah Beckmann

My results are amazing!!! This is 2.5 weeks only! I’ve done so many things to try and look trim and fit and have never had results like this! Aimee your a miracle worker!

Tomasina Tatterson

I came to Aimee back in 2016 and have been looking everywhere for her! She is absolutely awesome and knows her stuff. She was able to help me to loose weight as I was dealing with hormonal issues related to PCOS. I can’t wait to use her services again and give another review.

Jennifer Olanikawo

I'm 47 4ears old. I've been at Aculaser Body for 2 weeks and my love handles are gone! I would definitely recommend this place to anyone. I've be working out for years and am basically fit other than my fatty love handles. No more! This place is amazing!

Eh Lawrence

Love my experiences here! I always look forward to my appointments especially with the results I’ve been getting. Aimee and her staff are great and make you feel very comfortable before and during the procedures. I would recommend this to anyone who needs motivation, seeing instant results has helped me so much!

Val Ski

Aimee is OUTSTANDING! She is very thorough and ACTUALLY cares about your well being. I drive from WILLIAMSBURG to see her, that's how awesome her services, her staff, and overall vibe. I'm 4 treatments in and can definitely see a difference. My clothes fit better I feel better. Thanks Aimee!

Runthejewels Taylor

I am so glad I took a chance on this place. I was skeptical but felt like I had nothing to lose. Well, three weeks later, I am losing in a good way. My body is getting its shape back and my confidence is increasing. I love how the stafff explains everything and walks you through each step. Nikki and Aimee are so awesome. I finally found a non invasive solution that works for me.

Kay Y

I love me some Amiee!!! She keeps it so real and talks you through everything she does! She makes me confident that I’m not throwing my money away but I’m actually investing in my health. I always feel GOOD leaving my appointments! Definitely a permanent client!!

Brooke Cheeks

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