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What is Circumferential Reduction?

Even when you want you to look and feel your best, we know that diet and exercise isn’t always enough. Circumferential Reduction offers a safe and effective procedure that brings lasting results throughout your body. With this safe and effective procedure, our patients are able to reduce weight gain and overall body size, resulting in a noticeable drop in dress size, pants, and their entire wardrobe. Whether you live a healthy lifestyle, or have struggled with weight gain for years, we can help.

Our Solution

For this procedure, we use two fundamentally different lasers in a combined procedure that is non-invasive, safe, effective, and brings lasting results for our patients.

1. Zerona Laser

  • The Zerona Laser is a low-energy laser that does not use heat. This means there are no cuts, scars, or invasive procedures. There are also no recorded side effects, and patients often tell us that they felt nothing during the procedure.
  • The Zerona laser creates a small perforation in targeted fat cells, which allows the contents of the fat cells to escape and be released from the body. These fatty elements exit the body through lymphatic stimulation, as well as by drinking water. By drinking water naturally and staying hydrated, the fatty elements are flushed through the body and exit through urinary release.

2. VelaShape III Laser

  • The VelaShape III Laser is also a low-energy laser that offers non-invasive, safe, effective procedures. The VelaShape III uses a vacuum technology, which gently pulls the targeted skin into a small device that is shaped like a hand piece. Next, the laser uses radio frequency and infrared light to apply direct heat to the targeted area.
  • Performing this procedure after using the Zerona Laser is very effective, as the fat cells are already slightly perforated, thus increasing the release of fat from the body. Patients often describe the feeling of the treatment as a warm stone massage in the treated area.
  • Zerona treatment: 60 minutes total (40 minute actual procedure)
  • VelaShape III treatment: 30 minutes (15 minute actual procedure)
  • Please allow extra time for your initial consultation.