How Can I Treat Stubborn Fat Without Surgery?


Are you worried about getting that “summer body”? Working out takes months of commitment and time but looking great in a swimsuit is easy with VelaShape! In just a few short weeks you can shave off inches and get closer to your body goals!


The idea of removing fat without surgery seems like a long shot. But thanks to therapies like VelaShape, it’s quickly becoming a reality and is fast, safe and comfortable.  

The feeling of a deep tissue massage

More details are available and we can’t wait to start your fat loss journey with you! Many patients compare the procedure to a warm deep-tissue massage, and most report no discomfort following the treatment.

The VelaShape difference

We are pleased to offer our FDA cleared VelaShape technology that can provide therapeutic massage and ensure proper circulation throughout the treatment process.


The vacuum technology elevates the tissue, bringing it closer to the energy source.  Then the VelaShape infrared (IR) light heats the targeted tissue up to 3 MM in depth.  It is designed to safely heat, go deep and faster without damaging the skin.

Overall improvement

You will see results quickly with reduced appearance of cellulite, overall improvement in your skin texture and reduced circumference.

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