How Long Does Laser Fat Removal Last?

Are you considering laser fat removal? If so, you are probably asking yourself this question, “How long does it last?”. This question is one that is not easily answered because each person is different. The only way to really know how long the results will last is to have the treatment.

However, since most people do not want to invest money into a treatment that may not last as long as expected, the following is what research on laser fat removal has shown.

How does laser fat removal work?

This FDA-approved treatment uses a laser to liquefy fat cells. The fat cells then release the fat inside of them and the body naturally removes it by way of urine and stool. With the fat cells empty, they are smaller and take up less space. Over time, the empty fat cells die, so they don’t end up filling again with more fat.

People generally seek this type of cosmetic procedure as an alternative to liposuction. Liposuction is invasive and general anesthesia must be administered for it. Many people who are not candidates for surgery will opt for this minimally invasive option to get rid of excess fat in stubborn body areas, such as the waist, hips and thighs.

In a study by Zerona, individuals who received the treatment experienced a reduction in waist and hip size of about an inch. Study participants who received the treatment around their thighs averaged about two inches lost.

What to expect during treatment

Each session lasts approximately 40 minutes and should be performed every other day until six treatments have been given. This schedule has led to the most effective results. If treatment sessions are extended more than 72 hours, the fat cells may not empty enough to die, leading to less fat loss.

How long the results last

The participants in the Zerona study experienced an increase of 0.31 inches in total from their waist, hips and thighs after a couple of weeks. Researchers are unsure of what caused the regain, but it could have been swelling or the regeneration of new fat cells.

While there was some gain two weeks after the treatment, it was not enough to concern participants. Expectations are everything when it comes to cosmetic procedures. As long as people do not expect to lose a large amount of weight by liquefying their fat cells, they will be happy because it’s a quick and effective way to shrink targeted areas. With repeat treatments, it is quite possible to keep the results for as long as desired.

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