Laser Fat Removal FAQs

Laser fat removal is an elective procedure that many people are considering in order to reduce body fat. While the procedure is typically chosen to improve overall appearance, it can also be used to improve function, which can be helpful for someone suffering from excess body fat. Ready to find out more?

What to know about laser fat removal

Below are a few frequently asked questions and answers about laser fat removal.

1. What is laser fat removal and how does it work?

Laser fat removal is laser-assisted liposuction, which relies on a tiny laser to remove fat from the body. The laser is extremely small and is referred to as fibrous. During a laser fat removal session, the tiny laser fiber is inserted directly into the skin and moved back and forth. The back and forth motion of the laser encourages the deliverance of energy directly into the fat cells, which promotes shrinkage and draining. 

2. Is it safe?

Laser fat removal is actually a lot safer than most people realize. Because the procedure uses lasers and not traditional surgical scalpels, patients are less likely to experience dangerous complications. Additionally, laser fat removal does not require intense anesthesia that puts the patient under, which also makes it safer than traditional surgery. 

3. How long does laser fat removal take?

A laser fat removal procedure typically takes less than an hour. However, depending on the amount of fat, the procedure could take up to two hours or around 30 minutes

4. Does laser fat removal hurt?

Yes and no! Some people respond differently to laser fat removal; however, for the most part, the procedure is not too painful. Most people experience slight discomfort, but not intense pain. After the procedure is complete, there may be slight bruising or swelling, which is completely normal. 

5. How soon are results noticeable?

Results are typically noticeable after one laser fat removal procedure; however, it typically takes a couple of days because of healing. It is also important to know that most patients will need multiple rounds of laser fat removal in order to see the results that they want. 

6. Is laser fat removal permanent?

Yes and no! Once a person undergoes laser fat removal, the results are permanent. However, in order for the results to stay permanent, a healthy diet must be maintained, as well as daily exercise. Both a healthy diet and daily exercise ensure that the results from laser fat removal are maintained. 

Learn more about laser fat removal

Laser fat removal is a great procedure to undergo when looking to reduce excess body fat. The first step in order to start the process is to consult with a plastic surgeon who can perform an evaluation. An evaluation is important in order to outline goals and desires, which is necessary for the patient when considering laser fat removal. To learn more or to get started with an evaluation, reach out today. 

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