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AcuLaser Body LLC

Everyone has an Ideal Image of themselves, a body that they dream of seeing when they look in the mirror, but few people get to see that image become a reality. At AcuLaser we strive to help every single person who comes through our door obtain their Ideal Body and gain the confidence that comes with it.

We have all tried to obtain that ideal image on our own, but after weeks or even months of following a strict diet and exercise routine and seeing little to no results we give up. That is why AcuLaser Body Contouring is here, we use space age lasers to blast the fat from your body getting results in as little as one day!

Our lasers passed a class 1 clinical trial, that means that when participants were asked to change absolutely nothing about their diet, exercise routine and general lifestyle they still saw dramatic and noticeable results by the end of 12 treatments!

No matter who you are At AcuLaser Body Contouring, we promise to treat you, our customers, and all guests, in the friendliest and the most respectful manner to provide the most comfortable sessions possible. Everyone and their body is different. We care about every individual and treat them all so that they get the attention they need and pair them with the package that’s right for them. You are more than just a customer to us. You are a life that we can change and help you on your journey to a body that you love.

Our Team

"Hi-My name is Aimee and I'm the founder and owner of AcuLaser Body and I want to share my story with you because...I've been there."
In 2012 I just didn’t feel like myself. I looked in the mirror and saw a woman struggling with obesity and diabetes, I just needed a way to free myself from the bonds of these diseases. It was during this time that I discovered a life changing innovation created by Erchonia. I discovered Zerona Laser. As a patient I lost over 100 pounds and my diabetes, but more importantly I found freedom from obesity. I wanted to share this same freedom with everyone, so I quit my Job, sold everything I had and started AcuLaser Body LLC.
Today our team continues that mission to free as many people as possible from obesity and strive to help everyone get a body that they can feel confident in.

Our Services

At AcuLaser we believe that losing weight and getting your body back(or getting it for the first time) should be one of the best and most exciting of experiences of your life, we strive to give you a life changing experience that you will remember forever. We are careful in the selection of our equipment and spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars pouring through clinical trials and traveling to live demos to find the fastest and most effective equipment combinations to painlessly reduce overall BMI (body mass index), eliminate problem areas and smooth out cellulite.

Patient Information

While weight loss is normally a complicated equation including: genetics, exercise, activity level, what you eat, how often you eat, and how much you eat, we simplify that equation by bypassing the entire need for a caloric deficit! We use technologies that cause the fat in your cells to be processed out of your body without the need to burn off the calories, however to do this we need the patient to drink at least 64 oz. of water, preferably one gallon(128 oz.), amongst other things.
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