Time-tested Medical Weight Loss Programs

Medical weight loss programs adopt a holistic approach to health and wellness. These programs shift the focus from weight loss goals too much more important metrics. Medical weight loss seeks to get to the root cause of weight gain and obesity and deal with it gradually and decisively.
The medical staff that oversee these programs work to guide and affect a person’s behavior, routines and decision-making. The medical professionals will do this throughout the course of a person’s weight loss journey.

A glimpse into how medical weight loss programs work

Medically supervised weight loss programs work because doctors, nurse practitioners, dieticians and fitness trainers collaborate to create tailor-made solutions that can integrate right into a patient’s life. This approach helps a person lose weight by enforcing incremental changes that are easy to execute. That is why medical weight loss programs yield such lasting results.

Weight loss programs

There are many weight loss programs that are known for consistently good outcomes. For example, weight loss programs that are based on medical findings. Many medical professionals find themselves wanting to do more than treat lifestyle diseases after they have already happened. They decide to use their medical knowledge to craft programs that help patients adopt healthy lifestyles and ultimately, lose excess weight. Here are some of the weight loss programs that came from their efforts.

The Mayo Clinic diet

This weight loss program is designed to work in the long term. It focuses on effecting behavioral changes, primarily with regards to diet. The whole idea of the Mayo diet is to break bad habits and replace them with good ones. This weight loss program works because it does not involve bland foods and starvation. The diet is actually gentle on the psyche.

Because it is a long-term diet, the Mayo program does not require drastic changes in food portions, only in the quality of the food. The program also incorporates an element of exercise. The program directs a person to move around for at least half an hour every day. If a person follows this program, they will start with small adjustments and build on those. Patients will start to notice permanent changes in the medium to long term.

The Pritikin weight loss program

The Pritikin diet is one of the oldest and most accepted weight loss programs there is. At the time it was crafted, most people and health critics found it radical. Today, its tenets are adopted by countless other diets.

The different aspects of this weight loss plan are pieces of advice that doctors everywhere dispense to patients. For example:
  • Stay away from soda, refined sugar and empty calories
  • Choose whole grains and other complex carbs instead
  • Snack at set times and snack on healthy foods (like yogurt, nuts or fruit)
  • Start a meal with soup, a salad, whole grains or fruit. This helps with portion control
  • Opt for fish and other white meat whenever possible; cut down on red meat
  • Commit to a few minutes of exercise each day

It starts with the smallest steps

Weight loss programs aim to replace little habits with new ones that are healthier. With time, you will find that you are living a whole new lifestyle. And you will have the trim body to prove it. The friendly staff are medical professionals that will give you useful direction and walk with you toward your health goals. Call and schedule a visit to get a weight loss routine that fits your schedule and health status.

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