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Among the success and excitement of reaching one’s weight loss goal is the realization of excess sagging skin and fat. No matter how much people exercise or diet, even investing in medical weight loss procedures, the efforts may not remove all unwanted fat from the body. Fortunately, we have a solution to help with this problem. Body contouring with VelaShape III by Syneron Candela™.

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Benefits of Body Contouring

At AcuLaser Body LLC, our team uses this type of body contouring service to help reshape the body into the shape that patients desire. With this service, we can alter specific areas of the body to help slim down one’s appearance. Instead of continuing to struggle with excess skin or unwanted fat, consider body contouring.

The ideal shape for your body is possible and within your grasp. Call us to schedule an appointment and learn more about VelaShape III by Syneron Candela™ today.

While a certain amount of body fat can be beneficial to one’s overall health, it is far too easy to cross the line into having too much body fat. Given the numerous ways in which someone can gain weight in today’s society, maintaining one’s target weight is not always an easy task. In many cases, people will continue to exercise regularly and still struggle to remove excess bits of fat in certain areas. Other people will have sagging excess skin with wrinkles.

Benefits of body contouring services with VelaShape III by Syneron Candela include:

  • Help reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • Help reduce thigh circumference and treat other areas of the body
  • An efficient procedure that does not take long
  • A non-invasive and comfortable procedure
  • Little to no downtime after

The Body Contouring Procedure

Since this is a non-surgical procedure, the patient will not need to be put under any anesthesia. Body contouring with the VelaShape III by Syneron Candela procedure does not involve any form of an incision. During a regular appointment, the patient will lie down on a medical table and be able to relax while we run the VelaShape III by Syneron Candela device over specific areas of the body.

We will target specific areas on the body that are:

  • Pockets of fat
  • Decrease wrinkles in the skin
  • Tighten the skin
  • Smooth and flatten out surfaces

The appointment itself will take around one hour. The length of time can vary per the amount of space on the body we are treating. Following an appointment, the patient will be able to return to their daily routine without any downtime needed for recovery. Below is more information on some of the major benefits of this procedure.

Targeting specific Areas

Unlike other fat-removal methods or exercise that target general areas of the body, this procedure allows us to target the specific areas where fat seems to persist. While the patient lies back, we will run the device over the specific areas to heat up and eliminate fat cells. Not hurting the patient, this heat can destroy the fat cells so the body will then naturally get rid of them.

Length of the Treatment

The length of one treatment session will only be about an hour. In general, the length of time may vary per patient and the area of the body we are treating. While this amount of time can seem short, our team will ensure the patient receives the necessary care in the amount of time. Patients may need several appointments over the span of a few weeks to see the desired result and reach their goal.

Comfortable Non-Invasive Procedure

This procedure is comfortable and non-invasive. While this device uses heat to target fat cells, it will only feel like a hot stone massage to the patient. In general, the patient will not need to move during the procedure either.

There is a minimal to almost no risk of damage to the skin. At AcuLaser Body LLC, our team will take the time to help the patient remain comfortable during the body contouring treatment.

Little to no Downtime

Following the procedure, the patient will not need to worry about recovery or having to take it easy for two weeks. There is no need since this is a non-invasive procedure. VelaShape III by Syneron Candela delivers heat energy through the skin to the areas of fat beneath. It targets the cells without damaging the surface of the skin.

If you are interested in this treatment and want to learn more, give us a call and schedule an appointment at AcuLaser Body LLC today.