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Research & Development

Nerium's anti-aging innovations utilize exclusive ingredients that were created, developed and safely tested inside the world’s top universities and scientific labs.

Behind the Science

Nerium is rooted in science. Using the best in nature, coupled with the latest advancements in technology, Nerium products deliver proven, age-defying results that are powered by the most advanced ingredients available.


Nerium observes the best in nature to find anti-aging applications and supplements that mimic natural age-fighting mechanisms. Our nature-based approach provides innovative solutions that produce exceptional results.


Nerium products use proprietary technology to extract the best from nature and deliver real results. NBio-PL2 was created to derive an extract from the Nerium oleander plant that preserves its unique and beneficial age-fighting properties. This patented process yields the patented NAE-8® extract.

In addition, the patented EHT molecule is derived from a natural mixture of bioactive molecules extracted from coffee seeds.


Nerium’s formulas are based on discoveries in the biotechnology fields and adapted for use in the anti-aging industry, setting a new standard in product development. We work with scientists and chemists from the world’s top universities and labs to create cutting-edge, proprietary products that are not available anywhere else.


We use independent third party clinical testing facilities to ensure our products are safe and effective. Advanced scanning technology is used in our skin care clinical trials to objectively measure changes in skin appearance.

What does this mean to you? Nerium’s products are proven to work!


Nerium is committed to excellence. That means we oversee the manufacturing process from seed to seal. By managing the full process, we can ensure our products are of the highest quality.

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