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When it comes to medical weight loss, it is important to seek professional care from a facility with the proper equipment. We have the necessary medical tools and technology to help patients achieve the weight they desire. It is important to note that certain laser weight loss techniques will not have the same effect as liposuction. We can go over which procedure works well for you during an appointment.

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What to expect during your first visit?

At AcuLaser we use two fundamentally different lasers

The first is Zerona a low energy level laser that does not produce heat (high energy lasers cut things). It is completely non-invasive and has never shown any recorded side effects. During a Zerona procedure, patients generally feel nothing.

The second is our VelaShape III which is also a low energy laser, The VelaShape uses a vacuum to pull the skin into the treatment area of the handpiece then uses radio frequency and infrared light to directly heat the area. The best way to describe the feeling of this procedure is like getting a warm stone massage.

Before your first treatment and after your last, your measurements will be taken and recorded. Try on your tight jeans, shorts, or skirt at the start and finish of the treatment period.

For each treatment, remove your clothes that cover the target area, leaving your undergarments or bathing suit on, and lay down on the table wearing the safety goggles. The technician will direct the lasers at the target areas of your choosing, most often waist, hips, and thighs.

Each Zerona treatment is 60 minutes – with 40 minutes of actual treatment time, and each VelaShape III treatment is 30 minutes with 15 minutes of actual treatment time please allow extra time for your initial consultation.

6 tips to help you Achieve Your Maximum Success by following the suggested guidelines

  • 1) Hydrate – Drink at least 64 oz. glasses of water each day A gallon is recommended, and avoid liquids that dehydrate you (caffeine, alcohol)
  • 2) Maintain your regular workout routine, If you do not have a workout routine walking for 30 minutes every day or an equivalent such as a 10 minute Whole Body Vibration program will help you maximize your results.
  • 3) Wear a compression garment to provide positive pressure for at least 6 hours a day.
  • 4) Take 500mg of Niacin “flush-free” or “no-flush”, if it is not “no-flush” you will become red and itchy, and you will have a bad day
  • 5) Watch your diet – Eliminate alcohol completely, and reduce fat intake. This allows your kidneys, liver and lymphatic systems to quickly metabolize the excess fat.
  • 6) Keep your appointments – Keep to your scheduled treatments, with no more than three days between appointments. The fat tissue responds more quickly when treated every 48 hours.

New Clients

By gathering information on the patient’s medical history and current condition, we can customize the treatment to the patient’s needs.

Payment Methods – Cash, Check, or In House Financing Accepted